The Youprom Organism, make brands networking. Was a prosecution of Ermanno Faccio’s activities founded in 1991, when the web was born, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Milan metropolitan City, Youprom Organism is networking e raggiunge until 11 M people with personal recention about territorial activities visited. YP does all kinds of awesome things for the Web community. Experts in agri food, operations, facilities, sport, music, fairs and museum, art and spectacle, tourism, hotellerie, restauranting, plants, water filtering, energy efficiency, special driving, logistics, import export, mantenance, security, courtesy, commerce, ecommerce, delivering, sales, buying, merchandising, esposizione prodotti, store managing, design, project, contract, restructuring, building, properties selling and renting, marketing, web marketing, social communication, information communication technology, administration, finance, treasury, insurance, politic, philosophy, art, aesthetic, reader’s digest, writing, scengraphy and photography lovers, we and our staff can give with our work, the best of the experience to people interested to reach a good result in above activities. “One speech, One brand launch, One network involving”.

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